Resources and Services

Our purpose-built electronic administrative and accounting systems include the adoption of Strata Management Practice manuals to streamline communication and supplement proficient timely strata management services devoid of risk.

Each of our company’s personnel has a sound working knowledge of The Strata Titles Act and the Strata Title Regulations including  

  • The duties, powers and functions of management set out by the Act.
  • The role of the council of owners.
  • Composition of lots and common property  
  • Procedures and process associated with enforcement of by-laws.
  • Application of the procedural by-laws of the strata company.
  • Proper conduct and control of meetings of both the council and the strata company.
  • Strata company insurance duties.
  • Full accounting and financial reporting including;
    • Retention of a trust account
    • Production of Annual and periodical Administrative and Reserve Fund reports  

Business networks

Consultancy and maintenance services 

We maintain professional networks including close ties with strata title and professional consultants and solicitors to enable proper technical, legal and administrative advice to be obtained when problematical situations arise.

Also you can stay on top of maintenance and repairs via our company’s accredited network of building service contractors and tradespeople who are consistently fostered to ensure preferential attention to our strata company management portfolio.